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Recently, I find that my handwriting becomes more and more negligent when I write my essay for me. This not only worsens my essay’s form but it also reduces the grade I could get. Teachers never want to read an essay with ugly handwriting which makes them so uncomfortable. So I think that we all understand that if we improve the handwriting, it can make better essays, then higher grades. In this post, I’m going to share you my methods to improve the handwriting that help me alot when I write my essay for me.

1. Write a paragraph.

The first step to improve the handwriting to write my essay for me is that check for the problem. I  will start  by writing a short paragraph. I choose random topic then write at least 5 sentences about it. In case I don’t have anything to write, I will write out any paragraph in books or newspapers. The purpose I do this is to evaluate my own handwriting. The more I write, the more carefully I can check myself.

2. Determine the main shape of handwriting.

When I write my essay for me, I recognize that there is something familiar in the shape of words along them. After writing some random paragraphs and check it again, I determine that my handwriting is quite hard and wide, then I try to write slowly to make the handwriting more clear. So the  most important thing is to determine what your handwriting looks like: round, curved or hard? Find it out and improve it.

3. Observe the tilt

The angle of the pen will determine the good writing or the bad writing. Right or left? It’s not a problem, but if you tilt too much, it’s hard to read. I have read many essays with this kind of handwriting and I have to admit that they were too difficult to understand what was on the paper. So I try my best not to write too obliquely when I write my essay for me.

4. Check the connection.

The writing is erratic or overwritten? Every word or line is about one direction? I check it and improve it when I write my essay for me. After that, my essay becomes easier to read and understand.

5. Distance observation.

The distance between words, bad handwriting, or good writing. The distance between words must write the word “o”. If it’s closer or further, the writing will not be beautiful. Notice the distance between letters, closely related letters, or too far away. Improving this could make me write neatly when I write my essay for me.

6. Be aware of the size.

Imagine that the handwriting size doesn’t matter but your handwriting fills the gap between the two lines of hay? It’s too big or too small. An appropriate size of handwriting can help me write faster when I write my essay for me.

7. Handwriting analysis.

Look at the lines in the text, you write strong or obscure and illegible? Is your handwriting straight or oblique? I found that when I understand the type of my handwriting, I will also know how to make it more readable. Then when I write my essay for me later, I can make it neat and clear.

8. Identify the errors

Considering what the above, which does my handwriting need to improve? I can change the shape of the letter, the spacing between words, alignment, size, writing, or tilt when I write my essay for me. Changing one or more factors will improve the writing clearly.

7. See someone’s writing style for inspiration.

When I know how big my handwriting is or what it’s like, so what do I need to do next? I often go to the font sites and find my favorite handwriting. Then I print each sample to mimic. Then I can be inspired to write my essay for me later. Don’ t be afraid to choose a pattern for learning because you can combine multiple aspects of different patterns into your writing instead of imitating a specific pattern.


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