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1. Start the story as close as possible.

When I write my essay for me, I know that readers don’t need to know all the facts that lead to the problem the character faces. They just want to see a snapshot of the character of the character. So I select a starting event that can quickly lead readers into the plot. So my story doesn’ t move too slow.

  • For example, the opening of a story is the scene in which Esther on the way to the hospital would be better than her going to the medical school. Maybe it’s better if the story opens when she is getting to the hospital.

2. Use conversations to reveal a little bit about characters.

The dialogue fragments divide paragraphs, help readers glide on the page from top to bottom. Moreover, they will also allow me to express the thoughts of the characters with my own words without any inner monologue. I can use conversations throughout the story to convey characters’ thoughts. However, I want to make sure that every piece of conversation has to lead the plot. This will make it more attractive for the story when I write my essay for me.

  • For example, the following dialogue describes Esther’s frustration: “But you are the best student in the class” Esther insisted. “Why are you being examined for patients, and you are not?” 

3. Creating tension with bad situations occurring with character.

It’s hard to put the character in a hostile situation, but if I don’t, the story that I’m writing is boring. I often put obstacles or challenges to prevent the characters from what they want. So I’ll have problems to solve and help the characters reach their dreams. It’s like a method to make a climax when I write my essay for me.

  • For example, not being hospitalized as a doctor is a terrible thing for esther. Similarly, the situation where the security officer in the hospital grabs the same frightening experience.

4. Stimulation of the reader’s senses by the sensual details.

I usually use vision, hearing, touch, smell and taste when I write my essay for me, to lead readers into the story. The context of the story is more vivid with the sound, smells and the feeling that the reader feels. These details will help my story to be more attractive.

  • For example, esther could react to the smell in the hospital or the tone of the equipment.

5. Evoke emotion to help readers relate to the story.

I often try to make the reader feel the emotion of the character. I can do this by connecting things that characters are going through with common things in life. Emotion will draw the reader into the story when I write my essay for me.

  • For example, Esther worked hard and then rejected just because of a technical problem. Most readers have experienced such setbacks.

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