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Studying abroad on a scholarship is probably each student’s dream. However, the way to get it is not easy. It requires a lot of effort from the stage of finding a school, preparing documents, transcripts, writing essays …

Below is my sharing about some small experiences when I write my essay to apply for a scholarship. Over the days of “hard-working” in searching for scholarships, I applied for a £10,000 scholarship to study MSc Human Resource Management of a University in the UK.

To write a satisfactory essay, you need to invest a minimum of one month time. It usually takes me 2 month or more to write my essay to apply for a scholarship. Never be ambitious that you will get a good essay in just a few hours. Imagine the essay is like an advertisement that the product to introduce is yourself. You need to think about what to write, and how to make yourself become a best seller product. The essay where you express who you are, what your dream is, and what you can do. It shows that you are the best in the smallest amount of words. Therefore, invest time and effort in each sentence and each idea in your essay.

1. Choose an impressive opening method

At the peak of each school’s scholarship review period, one day the admissions committee can receive and process hundreds of scholarship applications. Everyone’s excellent, everyone deserves a scholarship, so how do you stand out, to keep your readers stopping at your essay without putting it in a corner? You also agree that they will not stop too long to read your entire long rotation if they are not interested and impressed. So make a strong impression on them from the beginning. Get them hooked and convinced right from the first lines. In your own experience, instead of starting the essay with a narrative statement, you should use a quote from a famous person, or an exclamation … Take advantage of all your creativity. Then create an impressive opening paragraph to make the most general sense about yourself. If you do this successfully, your chances of winning will increase quite a lot. I used a short story as introduction to write my essay applying for a scholarship and I succeeded.

 2. Be a talented salesman

Why do I say that? Simply because a good seller is someone who knows how to stand out and take advantage of the products they sell to persuade customers to buy. And you too. Now is the time to show all your strengths and differences to persuade the judges to choose you. The key is your ability to convince. You might ask, “What do I have to convince them?” Extremely simple, you have to convince them that you are the best person for the scholarship.

Many people think that the scholarship essay is a narrative essay about personal accomplishments. That’s not wrong but not enough. If you “write my essay” too academic and specialized, the reader will find it very boring. Emphasize the outstanding achievements and directly relate to the course you are applying for the scholarship. In addition, do not only point out your accomplishments like the event scorecard but focus on showing how you make the effort and that relic is meaningful and will help you in the future.

In my opinion, when I write my essay the important thing is my personal experience. You can list work experience, volunteering experience, or extracurricular activities that you participate in. You should choose only those experiences directly related to the course you are applying for, to your future purpose. For example, if you want to apply for an MBA scholarship, the experience you get at a piano center will not be convincing even if it is a very valuable experience.

Next, you can describe your dreams, your future plans or why you decided to choose this course. This is probably the part you can freely express yourself the most. What kind of person will you be? What are your abilities to make you believe that you can become that person? And is your chosen course will help you in fulfilling that dream? Convince judges that their course is the best way for you to get your ambitions. And that course will be the energy for you to walk and succeed on your path.

3. Please consult

After completing the essay, do not submit it immediately. Please print out many copies and have some people read and comment. However, you should note one thing: choose the person to ask. Not everyone can give you the right comment. Reach out to people who really understand you or who have experienced such as your teachers or professors. Please acknowledge all their comments to complete your essay.

4. Remove particles

What if your essay is very good, has great ideas, but sometimes there are some spelling or grammatical errors? It will make readers confused by your essay. Always remember good ideas need to be expressed with accurate words and standard grammar. And this is a tip I used when I write my essay, and now it is for you: simple, coherent, and concise. Essay writing is not the same as writing literature. So it doesn’t need fancy words, elaborate expressions. Choose a clear and brief style of writing. Use short, simple sentences with clearly correct grammatical structures. When I write my essay, I usually have my local friends check and correct the errors for me. Do not let a few small particles of particles ruin your “work”.

Above is my experience and suggestion I give you to “write my essay” applying for scholarships, you can consider and apply them effectively. 

Good luck!


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