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The persuasive essay is that the text says a specific point and provides evidence to prove that point. Although it’s quite similar to arguments, the logic of a persuasive essay is more emotional than evidence, nor is it necessary to argue. Even if you write a thesis for the class, or send a message to the editor, a solid argument with the physical evidence will help your essay convince and more effective. This post includes experiences that I get when I write my essay for me, hope that it will help you too.

1. Identify and narrow the subject.

The topic of the essay should be predefined if you write a thesis to submit to the teacher. However, if writing a letter to the press editor is more complex. Trying to narrow down the scope and write about something specific. When I write my essay for me, I try to find out a topic that is concrete and most relates to the subject of my essay.

  • For example, if you write about the U.S prison system, you’ll realize this is a very broad topic. Narrow the topic and focus on a side, such as the treatment for the elderly, or the literacy rate of the prisoner.

2. Determine the views

After you narrow the topic, you should start thinking about what you’re going to write. Why do you feel powerful in this topic? What is the solution to the problem? This is the beginning of the essay thesis, or maybe a general argument. The compelling essay has to attract readers, so consider the most emotional angles of the subject. When I write my essay for me, it’s very important to answer these guides because it’ll help me have the outline. The emotion also plays an great role in a persuasive

  • It’s a good idea for someone to come up with ideas because they can contribute ideas that you haven’t thought about or expand the idea you have. When I write my essay for me, sometimes I get excellent ideas from others’suggestions.
  • For example, when you write about the behavior of the pig farm, by the perspective of yourself, you think it should be closed for inhumane.

3. On the idea of proving evidence.

List the reasons why others support your thesis. Some of the reasons seem silly, but write them all down. They may be the nucleus of truth and can be used later. When I write my essay for me, it’s very important to get the strong evidence, it will make my essay more persuasive.

  • These reasons can derive from emotions and call for sense of responsibility and ethnicity. The argument for a compelling essay does not necessarily have to originate in concrete evidence. Sometimes I write down my opinions as emotionally supportive materials for the subject when I write my essay for me.

4. Select 3-5 examples.

You can’t write all the examples you find, instead choose the most compelling evidence. When I write my essay for me, I often choose the evidence that most supportive to my subject, and there’s at least one includes numerical data.

5. To compose a thesis.

The argument or general argument you want to suggest in your essay comes from your perspective. List the answers to questions “What”and “How”about your argument. The question “What”is about the subject itself, and the question “How”is about the angle. When I write my essay for me, answering these questions help me know exactly what should be in my essay.

  • For example, your thesis is about animal cruelty: “the pig farm should be banned from operation because it tortures the animal, which is a living condition that can spread the epidemic and human food infection.”
  • The argument can change in writing. This is why you just need to edit them in this step. It helps me a lot when I write my essay for me.

6. Write draft.

Drafting helps organize thoughts and essays. You can numbered the roman code (I, II, III, IV, etc.). Use phrases and sentences to list ideas out of paper. When I write my essay for me, it helps me very lot to control the ideas in the essay.

  • Use a five-paragraph structure: 1 opening, 3 quotes, and a conclusion. The paper is actually longer than that, especially when you write a paper that convinces a lot of information to make the theme for the subject.

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