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Both America and China can take pride in their education system because their students often make up the main percentage of top international students. However, this does not mean that the education systems of both countries are the same. Instead, America and China have several typical differences in education. If you are considering which country you should study abroad in, read this article. I will point out some differences in different teaching styles between America and China for you to examine. Then, you can make a wise decision on your overseas learning journey.

Teaching style 

Technology in education

Because China’s economic growth differs significantly between provinces and provinces and from urban and rural regions, resources are typically dispersed unequally. Some instructors have the technology to project their teachings onto a screen, while others just have blackboards. If I were a Chinese student, I couldn’t pay someone to do my homework because my teacher would recognize my handwriting differences. 

Projecting class notes in Google Slides presentations or PowerPoint is the most frequent method in most American institutions. Class notes can be submitted in a Course Management System or Learning Management like Google Classroom, Moodle, Blackboard, and other digital presentations. Outside of the classroom, students can study notes and other material more quickly. Plus, teachers commonly utilize these platforms to provide discussion boards, quizzes, and direct communication, all of which are unusual in Chinese public educational institutions. 

The interaction between students and teachers in class

Respect for teachers is emphasized in Chinese schools as Chinese classrooms often have more students (about 35–50). And, lecturers teach while students merely listen. Therefore, there is less interaction between students and teachers in the classroom. In most cases, desks are arranged in rows, with all students facing the teacher. 

In contrast, in America, class discussion and student involvement are prioritized. Class sizes at some schools are as small as approximately ten students. 

Harkness or Socratic techniques are commonly employed in liberal arts classrooms. In the Harkness approach, the teacher and students sit around an oval table to stimulate conversation and have an interactive lesson. The Socratic method is similar, but it does not need a specific table; instead, it focuses on posing and addressing questions in class to stimulate conversation. Therefore, when I have any difficulties in essay writing, I can ask for more clarifications from teachers and classmates who are available to help do my essay for me.


In China, most high school students only aim to ace the tests. Grades are significant in Chinese schools. Teachers can only grade students based on their final exam scores. 

This is different from American schools, where tasks such as homework assignments, essay papers, and class participation are used to determine marks besides tests. 

Honestly speaking, there are some times when my teacher assigns such challenging homework that I think of paying someone to do my homework. That said, I have tried my best to get them done by myself. 

A student’s final grade is calculated in American schools by averaging their grades on assignments and their final test scores throughout the semester. All grades are averaged to form a Grade Point Average (GPA). Several teachers may even enable students to gain additional credit to enhance their overall grades. 

Monthly tests, mid-term and final exams are held in Chinese schools. Students must take the Zhongkao or High School Entry Exam in 9th grade to attend senior high school. If a student does not pass this single exam, they will be unable to enroll in an academic senior high school and will be forced to attend vocational/ technical school or drop out. 

Students cannot join a bachelor’s degree program in China unless they attend a senior high school preparing for college. On the other hand, exam scores are only one component of an individual to be reviewed as part of the admissions process in America.

Academic Honors 

Merit certificates or rewards (e.g., school supplies and daily needs) are frequently provided to children as motives to do their utmost in Chinese primary schools. Whereas, in the United States, primary school classes are more likely to give minor prizes like sweets. 

There are several national Chinese academic Olympiad events for older students, primarily in science & technology. Chinese schools spur students to participate in these tournaments to increase their own provincial or national rankings. Some of these tournaments will provide students with bonus points on the Gaokao or college admission exam. 

As a result, Chinese students are incredibly motivated to compete in academic competitions and attend additional lessons outside of school to prepare for them. This is in contrast to most schools in the United States, where intellectual contests outside math leagues and quiz bowls are uncommon. Students in US schools who want to participate in contests usually look for them and arrange the entries of their own accord.

Teamwork skills

In China, schools promote a one-to-many teaching paradigm, in which the instructor teaches students who only take notes and fail to engage in class actively. Students are seldom given the option to establish organizations or take part in extracurricular activities or projects. This is primarily due to the test-centric teaching approach and emphasis on numerical grades as a measure of accomplishment rather than building topic comprehension. 

On the contrary, teachers in American classes frequently assign group projects such as making models, posters, and short films. Students may apply what they’ve learned in class via hands-on projects.

School-related activities 

Most students in Chinese schools have little free time outside of class. To prepare for academic competitions and college admission tests, they are supposed to put in a great deal of effort. 

Campus activities (e.g., rugby, basketball, cheerleading, volleyball, and other sports) are abundant at American schools, as are student groups (e.g., debate, diverse culture clubs, student magazines, culinary clubs, and performing arts). 

Above are some remarkable differences between the Chinese and American education systems. I hope you can identify which country is best suitable for you to pursue your overseas education. One piece of advice for you to survive and become a successful student in both countries is getting all your homework assignments done carefully. Another piece of advice I want to give you is to seek help outside of school whenever you find homework daunting. One homework help service I highly recommend is the Essay Writing Service one. This service is of great help to do my essay for me and other subjects’ assignments.

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