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The world has constantly been altering, and those who fail to adapt and adjust undoubtedly will fall behind others. Unfortunately, American public education has not yet caught up with modern times, and it is facing many severe problems. In this article, I will investigate some of the most concerning issues nowadays with American public education. I also want to recommend a fantastic assignment writing service – the Essay Writing Service service. 


The status quo

Some failures affecting the American public education

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The status quo

For many years, policymakers have fought to change the American public education system, and not all of those changes have been beneficial. There have been many impediments that make the American public education system fall into a chaotic state. Some of the problems are easy to identify because they have been in existence for a long time. However, some of the others are new, caused by technological advances. Below are several main issues that American public education is facing as well as some other arguments

1. Shortage in governmental funding for schools 

Funding is one of the most concerning issues that the American public education system nowadays is confronting. For more than 90% of K-12 schools, sponsors often come from state and local governments. However, according to many recent studies, despite an escalating number of needs, those sponsors still do not have any signs of increase. Therefore, many states have to allot lower capital compared to before the Great Recession, which means that there will be fewer teachers, programs, and human resources. 

2. School safety reduction

Mass shootings in American public schools not only cause dozens of people to die, but they also cause many arguments about school safety. According to some surveys, more than half of teenagers are concerned about the possibility of gun violence in their schools.

As a result, some people believe that teachers should receive special training in the use of weapons to ensure the safety of their students. However, this opinion encounters an array of fierce opposition because many individuals believe more guns in schools can cause many accidents and injuries. 

3. Teachers salaries reduction

The salaries for American teachers, in the past years, have reduced steadily. According to some studies, the average income of elementary and secondary teachers has dropped to nearly 5% since 2009. The states such as Oklahoma and Colorado also witnessed a significant increase to 17% and 16% in order. If governments do not attempt to give more reasonable measures, more and more teachers will quit their teaching work and switch to another job. 

4. Mental health problems

In addition to the issues mentioned above, the issue of mental health among American students has received an increasing amount of public attention in the United States. A study in 2008 showed that almost two-thirds of American students underwent stress and anxiety, which negatively affected their academic outcomes. Until now, this is still one of the most concerning issues in American public education systems, so governments should consider this problem more. 

5. Lack of involvement from parents

Teachers in public schools can do many things to support their students while they take part in classes. However, when those students return home, their parents do pay little attention to their studies. 

Because of a lack of higher education, some parents do not have enough capacity to assist their children in completing homework. In some other families, parents are too focused on their careers, so they only can spend a little time helping their children. 

6. Overcrowding in schools

Another worrying problem in the American public education system is class size. In 2011 and 2012, the average class size in American elementary and secondary schools was approximately 21 and nearly 27 students, respectively. However, according to other reports, the American class size has increased to roughly 30 students, and in some cases, to 40 students. While some teachers suppose that the overcrowded class size will negatively affect the quality of lessons and the academic results among students, others believe that the class with many students does not have any significant impacts. It is one problem still causing many arguments today. 

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