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From past to year, an education system always plays a vital role in shaping the person students will become in the future. Whether or not students can improve comprehensively and become helpful citizens in their society depends much on the schooling that they have received. Although the United States’ educational system is ranked first in the world, it has some flaws. Based on the information I have gathered, I will point out what the American education system needs to improve. If you are interested in this problem, you can go over this article. 


The status quo

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The status quo

According to the Program for International Student Assessment, American adolescent reading and math achievement has remained stable since 2000. Many researchers have also shown that two-thirds of American children have not been proficient in reading, and the achievement gap between high and low performers has increasingly widened. Below are some most popular comments from students on how to improve the American educational system: 

1. Putting less pressure on students. 

One of the most severe flaws in the American educational system is that students suffer from too much academic pressure. They always feel that they must do well in their schools; otherwise, they will not have enough capacity to gain admission to a good university. Because of this invisible pressure, most American students are prone to only focus on chasing their grades without paying attention to what they have absorbed in classes. 

Another student of an American educational center also used to express his opinions on what is not working in the American educational system. In a studying environment like at his school, he said that he always felt stressed because allocated homework given by his teachers seems to be endless. To make matters worse, he cannot retain the balance between school life, social life, and even family life. He hoped that the American educational system someday would change for the better, and their teachers would reduce the number of assignments and give them more time to relax. 

2. Preparing students for real life

Until now, the American educational system has not already given freedom for students to choose their favorite classes or classes that are beneficial for their future. Subjects such as reading and Math are two essential subjects and can bring many advantages for students; however, the American educational system still does not emphasize these subjects. It is one of the most noticeable defects in the American educational system, and governments and educators need to take action to fix it. 

3. Eliminating standardized tests. 

For most American students, standardized tests are not the wise way to examine their knowledge. Teachers frequently spend a significant amount of time teaching their students how to pass the tests with flying colors, but students never feel comfortable with this. Instead of doing this, they suppose that, in classes, their teachers should rouse the class atmosphere by encouraging students to exchange more with each other and give more explanations for events. 

4. Offering teachers money and support. 

Despite taking on a vital role in society, American teachers often do not receive a salary level according to their expectations. How can American students achieve high grades and improve themselves in the best manner while their instructors only come by poor wages and low supplies?. A low income evidently will not permit the teachers to promote their full potential to educate their students. To address the above problem, governments should now support teachers by increasing their pay and providing assistance with their teaching work as needed. 

A great educational system is indeed a springboard that can help students learn and improve better. However, whether or not a student performs well in their studies still hinges mainly on themselves. If they do not make an effort to figure out ways to solve problems and become more proactive, they will ultimately fall behind and lose the motivation to step forwards. 

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