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The Internet, with its robust development, has created many opportunities for us to cultivate our knowledge. We can learn by attending online classes through some prevalent online platforms such as Skillshare and Coursera. In addition, we can take part in forums where people can share their content and acquire much more knowledge on many different topics. However, for me, YouTube is the most practical tool for assisting me in my educational journey. If you are also interested in learning through Youtube, you have come to the right place. This article will show you a selection of my popular educational YouTube channels. Also, it introduces you to a fantastic service that can help you learn more effectively. 


The definition of Youtube.

The benefits of using Youtube. 

Popular education Youtube channels. 

About the Essay Writing Service service. 


The definition of Youtube

Youtube is a social networking platform allowing users to share their videos uploaded from computers or smartphones. The establishment of Youtube was by the collaboration of three off-work employees of Paypal in February of 2005. Google bought back Youtube in 2006 and gradually made this website become the largest video-sharing platform in the world. In addition, Youtube simultaneously ranks in the second position in the list of globally popular music sites. 

Some outstanding features of Youtube

There are a few notable features that not everyone is aware of: 

Youtube RSS Feeds: If you want to follow popular YouTube channels and interact with them more, creating one RSS Feed will be a simple and effective option for you. 

Sharing video according to the time: If you are watching a video and want to share a specific moment with your friends, you only need to pause the video, click on the video screen, and then press the Copy URL at the current time. 

Watching movies on mainline sources: When you gain access to the Movies segment, you can view mainstream movies on Youtube. In addition, you can even watch numerous free versions if you attempt to do some investigation.

TestTube: This characteristic may not be similar to everyone because it is a trial version. However, if you are keen on researching, you should register with it to experience the newest features that Youtube can update in the future. 

The benefits of using Youtube. 

1. Knowledge

With the technology era nowadays, Youtube is an excellent place to cultivate yourself. You will have the opportunity to learn new things, explore many interesting aspects, and even share helpful information. In addition, thanks to Youtube, I no longer encounter many difficulties learning in classes because this marvelous tool also does help me do my homework a lot. To be honest, I no longer need to pester my friends to help me do my homework after finding how to use Youtube effectively

2. Entertainment

Youtube is not only able to help me do my homework but also helps to relieve me of the constant stress of studying. I can find a variety of entertaining channels on this platform, ranging from music to comedies.

When I feel stressed or anxious about my studies, I turn to YouTube to watch several entertaining videos or listen to relaxing music. Watching videos or enjoying some music on Youtube would help me become calmer and help me revitalize my energy. 

Popular education Youtube channels you may know. 

Here are a few of my favorite YouTube channels for you to utilize. They include some fields such as science, technique, and Mathematics. I used to be afraid of doing my natural sciences homework because I was not good at numbers. However, watching these YouTube channels can greatly motivate me and help me do my homework more effectively. 


His media and filmmaking skills are so excellent that I cannot believe them. If you have followed his channel, you may have known that he has made scores of videos about general knowledge. With his erudition, he has conveyed a wealth of helpful information about our bodies, minds, and even our planet. Thanks to watching his videos every day, I can broaden my horizons and gather so much fascinating information. 

Minute physics. 

MinutePhysics is one of the world’s most prevalent scientific channels, with a unique motto: not knowing how to explain a problem easily understandable means you have not thoroughly understood it. MinutePhysics often explains physics theories by using vivid images so that viewers can understand easily. In addition, all videos on this channel make a profound impression on viewers because of their Time-lapse style and extremely adorable brushwork. If you want to learn more about science and physics, you should subscribe to this channel as soon as possible. 

TED Talks

TED Talks are always one of the most valuable educational channels. TED Talk frequently includes a variety of inspirational speeches recorded at many TED non-profit organization events. The vast majority of speakers featured in videos are tremendously successful and have years of experience in their field. TED Talks, in my opinion, is one of the most trustworthy channels because so many famous people (Bill Clinton, billionaire Bill Gates, educator Ken Robinson) have appeared in videos. Whenever I watch their videos, I always feel more motivated to continue studying and working. 

Both learning through Youtube and learning through some online platforms are beneficial in many ways. However, from my point of view, if you want to learn as best as possible or want to achieve high scores in classes, you still need someone to accompany you. It could be your classmates, your parents, your tutor, depending on your choice. Nevertheless, for me, I choose the Essay Writing Service Service because of its convenience. 

I used to have a close friend as my partner, and I thought we would work well together. She would do my assignment for me in case I was preoccupied with other work. However, we encountered many difficulties completing our assignments because we could not hammer out a specific answer. Parents are also not my ideal companion because I feel uncomfortable when they help me do my homework or even do my assignment for me. As a result, I opt to receive professional assistance from the Essay Writing Service experts, and I realize that I have made the right decision. 

About the Essay Writing Service service.

Approach to your homework 

I used to be terrible at handling homework, and I always wished to find someone to do my assignment for me. Nevertheless, this problem has not been haunting me anymore because I have had an opportunity to take advantage of the Essay Writing Service service. Admittedly, their support team works so effectively, which makes me feel surprised. They not only help me do my homework efficiently, but they also offer free revisions to my research paper or essays. I feel confident with my research paper and essays because my tutor always makes sure that the number of pages is 100% original. In addition, I am also keen on their teaching methods to help me write my assignment. When I need the support of my expert tutor with my academic assignments, she will not provide me with a specific answer instantly but step-by-step instructions. Then, my tutor will be patient and wait until I have completed all of my tasks.

Initially, I felt confused without receiving a particular answer from my tutor. However, gradually I realize that this method is tremendously effective because it permits me to use my intelligence independently. Thanks to their homework writing services, now I can overcome the fear of doing my homework, and I no longer need to ask anyone to do my assignment for me. 

Contacting them is very straightforward, so you do not have to be worried about this problem. All you need to do is go to the Essay Writing Service website and type your requirement in the chatbox: do my assignment for me. I am sure that you will not have to wait long because their staff will always be available and respond to you immediately. 

Friendly tutors 

Some of you may be concerned that their staff will be unable to assist you with your topic. However, I am pleased to inform you that their professional writers are well-versed in scores of subjects (physics, literature, biology). Whatever aspects you choose, their expert tutors can always guarantee that you get good grades in online classes due to their many years of experience. Furthermore, because their staff is so friendly and sympathetic, you are welcome to ask them any additional questions. 

Affordable price

Honestly, I have no complaints about the cost of their writing services. In comparison to other writing services, their prices are low in my opinion, but they can still meet the needs of all clients. 

Frequently asked questions

1. Could you provide me with some Youtube channels related to the economy?

There are many prevalent Youtube channels in terms of economy. Here are some recommendations for you: 


The duration of videos on this channel only is about 4-5 minutes, helping people to learn about weekly economic issues and influential figures of the world. 

Bloomberg Markets and Finance

Bloomberg channel specializes in posting videos that update the latest financial news, events, and market analysis. 


The Entrepreneur is an economic magazine in the US specializing in updating the latest news, startup trends of small and medium enterprises.

2. Is there anything I can do to improve my ability to retain information?

Keeping records of what you want to remember. 

⧫ Jotting down what you want to retain. 

⧫ Utilizing the spaced repetition


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