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With the complicated developments of the Covid-19 pandemic, many educational systems worldwide have switched to online classes rather than traditional ones as before. Holding online classrooms has changed many aspects like teaching methods, the interaction between teachers and students, and even the tuition fees. A question appears: should the tuition fees be reduced if an educational system has converted into virtual classes?. If you are interested in this problem, you can check out this article to find out the answer. In addition, this article introduces to you the Essay Writing Service service, which can support you during your educational journey. 


Online learning definition

The benefits and drawbacks of online learning. 

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Making use of the Essay Writing Service service. 


Online learning definition 

Nowadays, online learning is so common that it is no longer surprising to anyone. Online learning is tremendously convenient because it allows students to learn from a distance rather than traveling to school to attend classes. As long as your devices( desktop computer, laptop, tablet) have a stable Internet connection, you can participate in virtual courses whenever you want through online platforms including Coursera, EDX, and Skillshare. 

Benefits and drawbacks. 


1. Accessibility 

Accessibility is one of the most outstanding features of online learning that traditional learning does not have. With this form of education, you will have a chance to gain access to a variety of high-quality courses on the Internet without wasting your time for movement. You can take part in online courses whenever and wherever you want, and you can even adjust the learning pace to suit your abilities. 

2. Comfort

Students learning at home feel more comfortable than attending traditional classrooms because of many different reasons. First, instead of wearing uniforms like at school, students now can put on casually comfortable clothes while learning at home. In addition, living close to their families and their relatives will also help them feel less stressed. For example, when they feel pressured about their studies, they always have someone to share. It can be their parents, sister, grandmother, and other family members who always stand by their side and support their studies. 


1. Limited interaction

Teachers and students sometimes find it inconvenient to interact with one another through computer screens. For example, if students have a difficult assignment, teachers will have a difficult time assisting them to fully understand the problem due to a lack of face-to-face interaction. In addition, they will not have many chances to exchange information and learning materials directly. 

2. Discipline

Unlike traditional learning, virtual learning requires students to enhance other necessary skills like good time-management skills and specific planning. If students do not self-manage in a disciplined manner, they are swiftly distracted by using social media, leading to the loss of concentration in online classes. This factor obviously will harm their educational outcomes. 

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Apart from the advantages and disadvantages of online education, tuition fees also receive a great deal of public attention, especially from parents. Since the Covid-19 pandemic occurred, most parents have become unemployed and cannot have enough money to pay tuition fees for their children. Therefore, many of them suggest that the school should cut back on the standard tuition fees so that their children can continue to attend online classes. From my point of view, this suggestion is partially plausible because of several other reasons: 

  • Students cannot receive the fullness of the educational experience, including having access to labs, facilities, and face-to-face guidance. 
  • Students cannot take advantage of campus experiences such as extracurricular activities and events on or near campus.
  • Not all educational systems have switched to online classes successfully because online learning has some requirements. For example, if the Internet connection is not stable, the learning process will be negatively affected. 

All students deserve to get cheaper tuition fees during this crisis. However, many schools cannot do so because they must pay a significant amount of money for technology infrastructure, faculty training, and internet connectivity. Moreover, they do not intend to reduce the fees as they suppose that diplomas earned online classes will not be less valuable than before. 

In summary, I believe that each school has carefully considered all aspects before making their own decision, and they always try to do the best things for their students. 

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1. Are there any tips to help me learn online better? 

Here are some helpful tips that I have collected for you: 

  • Thinking positively about online learning
  • Developing the self-discipline habit
  • Paying attention to your appearance
  • Always staying healthy 
  • Choosing an ideal studying space

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