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An outline is a great way to organize ideas and content if you’re preparing to write a speech, essay, novel, or learning instruction. Let’s start from step 1 to build the outline.

1. Choose a topic.

Outlines help me reorder my ideas before I write my essay for me. But what is the topic of the article? At the time of constructing an outline, I can choose a broad and inclusive range of topics. The process when I write my essay for me will help me narrow the topic to get a certain point.

  • For example, If I write my essay for me on history, which may be about the life of the French when being occupied in world war II. When you make an outline, your theme can be narrower, about the French guerrilla team.
  • When you’re up to a project that requires creativity, for example, for a novel, you don’t really need a topic. Instead, the outline will help you organize the layout of the post’s structure.

2. Determine the main target.

When I write my essay, the article can aim to convince readers of your thesis, reinforce information about a topic, or reflect the personal experience. I will select one of those goals and add more points, evidence to the post. If I write my essay for me with an article to analyze and persuade, I will write the topic sentence to be the frame of whole article. Here’s an example of three approaches:

  • Compare two books, events, or people. This type of writing requires good judgment.
  • Present the cause and result of a polite event. Describe how a polite event occurs based on available information or by making your own argument. With this writing, you need to invest more time to study the subject you want to write.
  • Describing how a variable, some experience has changed you, this way primarily to practice your available skills.

3. Collect reference documents.

When I write my essay for me, most of references are mentioned in my essay, not in the outline. However, the review of the research documents can make it easier for me to make an effort. When I prepare the outline, I write down topics that contain multiple titles, statistics or ideas, they’ll be an important when I write my essay for me. If you don’t understand some of some secondary topics, list a specific section for secondary topics.

  • Skip this step if you are writing outline for a creative project. Researches will help if you need put reliable data, but the process of researching.
  • I always mark any important data in the references when I write my essay for me.

4. Choose one type of outline

When I’ve prepared all the things above, I’m almost ready to write my essay for me. Now it’s time to select one of two outlines:

  • A thematic outline uses short phrases, each containing a number of keywords. If you’re still unsure about what you think of it, start with this outline.
  • Outlines in the form of sentences consisting of complete sentences. Choose this outline type if your article is based on many details that need to be listed as separate bullet points.

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