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Besides presentations and group exercises, essay writing is one of the top criteria for assessing the quality of learning for each semester. Depending on the policy of the school and the discipline, the teacher gives the percentage of the essay to validate the subject. For example, according to Raluca Popescu, an alumnus of International and European Law at The Hague University of Applied Sciences (The Hague, The Netherlands), the percentage of essay results for passing an academic year is 30% for all subjects (the rate for the first year is 20%). Because of the importance of essay writing, you should equip yourself with the secrets to “write my essay” successfully.

Coherent structure

When I write my essay, structuring an essay is first and foremost important thing. You should not start writing when you don’t know what you will write in the body and the conclusion. First of all, think and write on the paper the important points you want to mention and the references that go with each one. An excellent essay will be seamless from one idea to another and not around.

In the introduction, questions or issues should be presented clearly to generalize what the writer is talking about. These issues will be presented and solved in the body of the article more detailed. You can show them in the form of main points and accompany each thesis with arguments, views of the author and evidence.

In conclusion, you must summarize the content introduced and analyzed in the two above sections. Then readers can get an overview of the whole article. Two common ways to conclude are to summarize the content of the discussion or ask a question to elicit a new problem. The important rule when I write my essay is that if readers read only the introduction and conclusion, they can also identify the main points covered in the essay.

Convince readers with evidence

To gain high score, you should pay special attention to the body of the article. When I write my essay, I divide the problem into big points and separate paragraphs for easy analysis as well as for capturing the reader’s attention. It can help me avoid the case that the thesis has not been resolved, another point appears.  It will make the reader feel that the problem is not solved thoroughly.

To keep the essay “in a straight line” with the main topic, you must make sure to frequently mention the main problem/question. At the end of a main body paragraph, you should ask yourself how what you have just presented is relevant to the topic (and if you are not satisfied, you should change or ease this idea). That is the question I always ask myself when I write my essay. This will keep you on track and create a chain link with the next paragraph.

Using evidence after each thesis that is also a common practice of senior students means to explain and persuade the readers. The evidence here may be a quote in a specialized work, a doctrine, some updated data that are topical or sayings of famous people. The more topical and unique evidence will attract more attention of readers. For essays that require a personal perspective, evidence “based on a true story” from your experience will help you stand out.

Read the essay carefully (by many people) before submitting it

Grammar, spelling and sentence construction are important for an essay, especially for subjects in the fields of Social Science and Communications. In the Department of Information and Communication (Besancon University of Science and Technology, France), Expression became a “dark” subject for students because the teacher was willing to deduct 0.5 points for a spelling mistake. Students in the faculty often recite anecdotes that a friend who got 20 negative marks for wrong spelling mistakes in his essay. Of course, foreign students will be duped for some difficult mistakes, but for basic spelling mistakes, they still have to mercilessly receive minus points. To overcome this shortcoming, the only way is to practice writing regularly. You need to reread the essay over and over, as well as have someone else read it, because it is easier for outsiders to recognize the error than the writer himself. Remember, do not submit the first copy right away, as it is likely to have many errors. Give yourself a break for 1-2 days and then return to read the essay with a conscious mind. Then the error will be easier to find (and you also have time to ask a tutor or a friend to read your essay. This advice is useful for you to “write my essay”.

Another common problem is student usually use the complex words. It’s okay not to repeat the same word throughout the article, but be sure to find the right word to replace. Using the wrong words will reveal the defect in foreign language and lose the natural and seamless article. For example, “I established a dissimilar automobile itinerary this daybreak” instead of simply “I found a new bus route this morning”.

The advice is not to worry about showing your readers how you have a rich mountain of vocabulary. You should focus on the main idea, logical reasoning, good evidence, accurate data and conclusions. Because these factors are the “formulas” that help you leave the best impression when you “write my essay”.


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