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An interesting life is a endless journey of learning

We learning everyday; we do it unconsciously even when we don’t consciously educate ourselves. We learn to improve the way we were yesterday. We learn to not fall behind others. But as in every race, we also need to take back our recovery. That’s when we are tired, spinning, under pressures of work, relationships, social responsibility. But if the learning is still pressing, and not allow us to stop, what will we do?

I can choose how to pause the course of learning, in terms of that it only harming my own time and economics without affecting others. But my case is not the same.

I’ll tell you my story. I’m following an MBA course in England. (For personal reasons, I may be allowed to keep secret the name and specific information of the school.) The subject I have the most difficulty is Accounting. I’d worked so hard to get through three-quarters of this course. To the last essay to end the subject, I am completely exhausted. It is a group exercise that asks for the highest requirement we’d ever met during the MBA course. We have to choose a brand – new enterprise, which has never been seen by other groups, including in the pre-school courses of choices to analyze. It’ s the first difficulty – has completely no source of reference, let alone think about having a sample to copy and edit which I’m never intended to do.

Because to do this essay, I’ll have to spend a lot of time reading, studying. Synthesis and comparison take my time too.

I thought it was desperate. If this is just an individual’s exercise, I assure that I’m willing to let it go and register to learn more about the subject. But my giving up will affect the common results of my group members, my dear friends who I respect very much. So I can’t have my way back.

In the middle of that, I was suggested by a friend to come to the writing services which will be willing to write my essay for me. My first reaction was to protest. I’ve been taught in an environment that always respects the truth and honesty, so everything lies to me is unacceptable. However, that suggestion in me was a curiosity. I went online and looked for information about such services to write my essay for me, even though I didn’t think I would choose this option.

After a few simple key words, an ad forest is now in my eyes. Every website offers florid advertisements about the quality of its service. I feel a little funny, and it’s a little bit sad that the knowledge, which I’ve always appreciated as a commodity, are being sold with no difference from goods.

In many of those websites, I was fascinated by a simple website, without invitations to catch. From the first sentence, I felt like I found a sympathy, understanding: “work, children, family, etc. made you don’t have time to write, graduate thesis?”. Just one word, I feel like someone  is listening to me, opening up with me and willing to share with me which I’m suffering from. I feel like I’m not being seen as a lazy, cheating, loving man, using money to buy people’s work as beauty for my achievement. Immediately, I decide to find someone to write my essay for me on the web.

Through the first conversation, I knew I was looking for the right address. Very quickly, they capture all the things I need, the demands that have to be. My friends analyze, choose the things that need to be done. What makes me most touched is that they’re falling in love with my post, running with time as passionately as they are. In the process of doing so, they’re also giving me sharing, visiting, courage which make me feel like my best friends are helping me to write my essay for me, not a group of strangers dealing with a contract.

Imagine, a master’s degree article is taught by international standards that even senior experts in this field are afraid, has been addressed. What surprises me is progress. In less than a day (6 hours earlier than I expected), I’ve received complete articles of 2000 words in English language standard. They keep telling me, if it’s not okay, send back and they would fix it when I’m satisfied. But I’ve been above my satisfaction since the first time. That makes me feel like that believing in a service to write my essay for me is a right choice.

The article must be written everywhere. Quality is what needs to be verifiable. And behavior is the direct impact on the heart. I’m lucky I had the right choice for the first time I’ve use a service to write my essay for me. Again, I want to send thanks for the people I appreciate and respect the qualifications and knowledge, who help me to write my essay for me and complete my course excellently.


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