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A personal essay is part of the application to universities, especially in English-spoken countries. In a personal essay, students should write about what they hope to achieve in the course, what they hope to do after finishing the course, and why they want to study this school. This is the first chance you can show your passion and your understanding of the choice to achieve good results. This post includes my own experiences after many times that I write my essay for me. I hope that it can help you as well.

1. What does a Personal essay include?

A personal essay should be written about one of the topic below:

  • Passionate career
  • How to be interested in this field
  • Why, what job does your goal have related to this course or study
  • What do you find most interesting in the past learning
  • Things that attract you to college
  • The hobbies and interests of the performance of your performance

Achievements when participating in clubs, working experiences or knowledge related to the study course also make me personal essay more prominent. While employers are also searching for your personality traits to help you become a member of the university. So besides the academic results, I always put my extracurricular activities into when I write my essay for me in order to impress the admissions board.

2. How long should a personal essay be?

The length of a personal essay depends on each university, but usually a personal essay for the candidate at the university level about 400 – 600 words, about one page A4 or up to 47 lines. For postgraduate programs may require 1000 words, but there will be a specific request. When I write my essay for me, I never try to write too long because it could make my essay prolix and reader can’t understand it.

I also try not to cross the border of the requested character because the recruiters must read many of the individual essays of various candidates, so a personal essay and a new concise and concise one actually makes the turn. So whenever I write my  essay for me, I am aware of the requirements of the essay, which are very important.

3. Common mistakes in personal essay

When I write my essay for me and read others’ ones, I recognize that there are some mistakes that usually occur in personal essays.

  • A too long/short essay
  • A personal essay does not contain important/negative information
  • The structure of the personal essay should not be confusing

It’s important not to lie to anything about personal life, academic results, or exaggeration is also avoided. Recruiters will ask you all the aspects that you’ve mentioned and will be able to see if you don’t. So the experience that I always remember when I write my essay for me is that every single word in my essay should be the truth about myself.

5. Some advices for writing personal essay

From the experiences I got when I write my essay for me, there are some advices for a good personal essay

  • Expressing your passion for the subject
  • Start with a strong announcement to pay attention to the admissions representative
  • Link the hobbies and passion to the field you apply 
  • Be honest, it should not contain negative information
  • Don’ t show yourself too smart
  • Don’ t let the last minute be ready before the deadline
  • Let friends and relatives read it first
  • Don’t duplicate the CV/resume

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