With many years of experience in writing essays for submitting scholarships to study abroad around the world, I found that […]
Write my essays seems to be something “terrible” for students. An essay can be considered a big project with many […]
1. Start the story as close as possible. When I write my essay for me, I know that readers don’t […]
When I write my essay for me, dissertation is the most difficult one. Dissertation is the essay written to present […]
When I write my essay, I really focus on how I cite and make a reference for it. In a […]
The MLA (Modern Language Association) format is one of the main writing styles used in academic and professional writing. These […]
Recently, I find that my handwriting becomes more and more negligent when I write my essay for me. This not […]
An interesting life is a endless journey of learning We learning everyday; we do it unconsciously even when we don’t […]